Meditation and Mindfulness in Birth

This year I've been honored to be the Utah County Representative on the Utah Doula Association Board. I've met so many amazing professionals and have loved mentoring new local doulas. Yesterday was the annual UDA Conference and I was able to spend the day with many amazing doulas, learning and enjoying yummy food.

One of the presenters, Elizabeth Smith, a Master of Public Health, spoke about meditation and mindfulness in birth. Personally for me and my doula practice I think these skills are so important when preparing for and experiencing birth.

She spoke about how mindfulness brings about moment to moment awareness and in birth this is SO powerful! Contractions come and go; you need to focus during each contraction and then enjoy the break. If you're constantly anticipating the next contraction or wave then you cannot enjoy the rest between which is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. When women are no longer able to enjoy and appreciate the rest, that is when they often begin to panic and feel fear. Being present and mindful during birth can help you experience a birth without fear because fear only comes from the future and regret from the past; in the present there is neither.

The opposite of fear is safety and a positive birth can happen when you feel safe, heard, and like you have choices. My goal as a doula is to help women and their families feel safe, heard and to be aware of their choices. I'm excited to move forward and incorporate more mindfulness and meditation in my doula practice with my clients.

What are some ways you used mindfulness and meditation in your pregnancy, birth and parenting?

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