"Charity was absolutely the best choice in picking a doula to attend my home birth! She is SO knowledgeable and could answer my many questions leading up to birth, and was always such an encouraging voice when I was feeling like my pregnancy would never end. Throughout my rather fast labor, charity was always right there to give me the support and pain relief I needed and for that I am so grateful, and so is my husband! Thank you for sharing that space with me and my family, you are such a gifted woman!"
-Stephanie B (Doula Client)

"During my birth she was amazing! She helped me achieve my goal of having a natural childbirth, even when some curveballs got thrown my way. She helped me stay calm and relaxed, and helped my husband and me make more informed decisions. She did a ton of counter pressure on me during labor and was super encouraging the entire time. She even took some pictures while I was pushing and spoon fed me after I gave birth while I was nursing.
Even after birth she has stayed in contact with me and checks in on me very often to make sure I'm doing well. She still lets me ask her lots of questions and she has come to my house for a postpartum visit.
I don't just consider Charity my doula, but also a friend. She's an awesome person and very easy to talk to. She's very responsive, even in the middle of the night. I just love Charity! If she's still around when I have another baby, I will definitely hire her again. She was worth every penny and some. I definitely could not have achieved my natural birth without her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula."
-Lucy W (Doula Client)

"Guys, literally if you are debating on who to choose as your doula I would times a million recommend you choose Charity!!!
As soon as you have your first meeting with her she will make you feel comfortable, be a friend (but still professional) and put any doubt or worry you have at ease. My husband and I were doubtful we could afford a doula but Charity was worth it. She came TO MY HOUSE countless times before our son was born to help me feel extra prepared and ready as to what to expect. (it was or first baby) When it was time for our sons arrival, she was there with her knowledge, support and guidance, my favorite treats and even went to our apartment and packed me a whole hospital bag, to which she basically had to scavenger hunt around my messy house looking for specific items!
She was supportive the WHOLE 30 hours of labor and I had to remind her to take breaks herself. She only left the hospital when I made her leave. She was so supportive!
Even after giving birth she came by check on me and even brought us pizza! One day, I was feeling extremely down and realized I was having some sort of postpartum depression. I text Charity and told her what was going on. She could tell that the lack of sleep was getting to me and offered to come over the next morning and watch my son for me so I could sleep In while my husband was at work. WHO DOES THAT?! She checked up on me many times after this to make sure I was taking care of myself and I consider her a dear friend for all she has done for us during that time. Hiring Charity was the best decision we could have made and we are so glad we did!"
-Candy S (Doula Client)

"I am also a doula and I had the opportunity to be a doula team with Charity. I am so impressed by her genuine concern for her clients and her love and trust of the birth process. She is very knowledgeable, never pushy, and very intuitive about a birthing mother's needs. I would recommend her to anyone!"
-Sahra A (Doula)

"Charity has been absolutely amazing through my pregnancy and birth! She supported and encouraged me the whole way through, offered me constant advice, help, and resources for all my questions, concerns, and needs, stayed by my side every step of the way, day and night, whenever I needed her. I was able to overcome my fears and doubts and have the beautiful natural birth experience I wanted with her help. She empowered both my husband and me, helping me have the confidence that I could make it through my baby's birth and helping my husband know how to support me. We couldn't have done it without you, Charity!"
-Kyla B (Doula Client)

"I don't even know where to begin honestly Pure Love Doula has been amazing to me since pregnancy and now postpartum, Charity guided me through the steps to take on choosing the right doula, she has always been so kind, always has had open for us with any questions or concerns, never pressured me into choosing her as our doula but rather helped me make me right decision to fit my needs and comfort, once time was close to due time she came by and helped me relax, learned techniques to prep my body for what was coming she was very supportive of our Curtis Method Hypnobirth, always held my hand through things, my husband was gone serving in the military and she never left my side, she was truly amazing in everything she does, she's knowledgeable, kind and extremely caring!! I cannot express my love enough to Charity. I am so thankful for her work towards me, my birth and my family, we have nothing but love for her!!"
-Brenda M (Doula Client)

"So great to work with, glad we had Charity around very helpful made everything so understanding for us, great asset to our birth, great fit for our family, always willing to work with us. Thank you Charity."
-Josh M (Doula Client's Partner)

"I had the honor of working with Charity at a recent birth where she was doula. She was so attentive to the laboring woman and her genuine supportive nature really shined through. I look forward to working with Charity more in the future."
-Bobbie V (Doula)
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