Keeping It Cool During Your Summer Pregnancy

My oldest child was born in December and my youngest in August. I was not prepared at all for a (surprise) summer pregnancy! But found some ways to help my survive:

Get a Pool Pass or Baby Pool (or BOTH!)
I spent most of my days at the pool with my 2 year old. I rocked my bikini despite the crazy stares I got and the "you're brave" comments. If we weren't at our community pool I was probably outside in the backyard with the sprinkler or kiddie pool filled to the brim.

Being hydrated is no new thing, especially when you're pregnant, but it's so important in the summer. I had my water bottle and back up water bottle filled with ice water everywhere I went.

Find a Good Deodorant
This is always important whether you're pregnant or not. I highly recommend Primal Pit Paste, it's the only natural deodorant that ever worked for me. 

Get Out Early
My 2 year old was wanting to be outside always but it was so hot and we don't have a ton of shade in our yard during certain hours. We'd get up early (well my daughter woke up at 6 am anyways) and hit the parks. It was perfect because they weren't overly busy and the weather was PERFECT! 

Buy All the Dresses
Wearing shorts that stuck to my legs made me 10000 times hotter so I only wore skirts and dresses (except when I was in my bathing suit). Hit up your local Target--you won't regret it.

What has helped you stay cool during your summer pregnancy?
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